by Henrik Dønnestad

Hey there, it's been a while, I'm sorry. I've become quite busy lately and I've also had a few freelance gigs to work with. I love being busy though, don't get me wrong. However! I've still found the time to finally begin on this passion project, it's been a long time coming and it's finally underway. If you follow my instagram you'd already know by now I'm sure.

'Fake' Album Cover of La Dispute / I do not own their trademark logo - from my instagram



I'm redesigning album & single covers of bands & artists I enjoy listening to. Making 'fake' covers essentially. The essence or purpose of it all is for me to explore cover design further, and there's hope that maybe, after making enough 'fake' ones, I'll be able to make some for real. 

I've already made alternative covers of bands like, The 1975, Lower Than Atlantis, The Kooks, Shura and so many more. Discover Weekly from Spotify has been an incredible help in finding single songs to make covers out of.

Let me just point out that I'm not redesigning these because I don't care for the original designs, that's not it at all. Rather quite the opposite. You could say it's because I love the original covers and songs so much, is why I'm doing it. It's like my way of paying homage to all these artists and bands I adore.


'Fake' Single Cover of the song 'Touch' by Shura - from my instagram



I have a lot to thank my teacher / mentor, Andy Vella for my interest in cover design, we had 2 projects involving design for music, where Vella was leading the way. His process of designing and understanding of substance inspired me to redesign the discography of Bring Me The Horizon.

Vella has designed lots of record sleeves of many bands like The Cure, Mogwai and The Rolling Stones. 


Music in general play a big part of my creative process and on maintaining my inspiration levels. And that's exactly why I love album covers, I've got my own little collection of vinyls, and I proudly display several of them around my apartment.

Music in general play a big part of my creative process and on maintaining my inspiration levels

I've managed to keep pursuing all my little dream design projects, having my day job as a designer at Agderposten has funded and fueled my creative pursuit of these. Which I'm really grateful for. 

I've currently designed 45 covers and uploaded 23 (might be more by the time this goes out) and I'm looking to do a 100 at least. As a part of #The100DayProject. Now it's written so it's gotta happen! Somehow. 


If you already follow me and this project, thanks! I appreciate your help and support, and if you don't but just now feel a bit interested, please go and follow my instagram for daily updates.

As always, thank you for reading and for following me around online. I'm happy that I'm able to create on a daily basis. If you got any suggestions on what album and/or single cover I should redesign feel free to drop a comment here or tweet at me! Have a lovely weekend everyone.