Hey there, if you're following me around, you might already know of a few of these things, however I wanted to make a proper post on all the projects I'm currently working on. I'm a designer and illustrator, but creating itself has always been the heart of my passion. Be that, design, illustration, music, poetry and lyric work. The idea of a brand, with all these bits, extensions and services around it, makes me really excited to work harder. I would love to make SPACE BOY just that. I'm doing my best to better myself as a creator and expand my skill set, so here are the projects I'm currently working on:



This very blog, the main blog I guess, is me trying to get better at writing, foremost. I'm trying to write longer and extensive works here, going in much more details than in some of my other written projects you'll read about further down the line. General information, inspiration posts, announcements, new products etc. will all be featured here. I'm aiming to update this blog once a week, every Friday probably, (hopefully).



Maybe the biggest ongoing project I'm working on, and feels like the most important one. I've had the dream of running a lovely online shop for quite some time, and now it's finally happening! Hopefully, it's something that can just grow and grow with lots of effort. I'm bringing my own style and feeling to the shop and to the different products I'm gonna sell, from prints and stickers to books and posters. Interested in my artwork and other fun products? Th shop opens later this month, then you can check it out here: SPACEBOY.SHOP 

Neon Pop Girls - Polaroid Prints



My family is quite musical and so in my younger years I've been quite literally surrounded by it. Lots of instruments and lots of singing ( I was never really good at it ), but I enjoyed it nonetheless. So I figured early on that music was a drive-force for me, I could sit for hours building LEGO or draw and have my dad practicing in the background or the radio would be on in the kitchen or I would play my own cassettes or CD's. I've figured out that 90% of inspiration comes from music and lyrics. That's why I'm having a ton of fun creating music of my own ( I'm trying at least ). I might not be as great as my dear friend HEYBEARD, but then I have him to help me out at least. Listen to my music for free here: SOUNDCLOUD  ( btw, new music coming real soon! )



Letters from Space ( not sure about the name just yet ), is a fresh effort to create a small and personalized newsletter. Compared to this blog here, it's supposed to be short and sweet, a way for me to give you insights and a behind the scene look of my work and process, maybe your opinions will help me decide new product designs for my shop! It's a chance for me to share what I'm reading / listening / doing at the moment to keep myself inspired, a way to share new discoveries and hear what you have to say! So yes, you get a first-hand look on my work, and best of all, it's free!  You can subscribe here: LETTERS FROM SPACE



As I mentioned earlier, music has been a massive influence on me, lyrics especially. There's the unique way you resonate with a song because the lyrics speak to you. A lot of my projects have been references to songs I love ( or loved ) at that time, or inspired work altogether. Like an app prototype called "Rising Up", named after the song by Young Guns. Or the fact that I redesigned the entire discography of Bring Me The Horizon. One of my first ever "grand projects" was a grunge magazine that honored that music and genre, with Nirvana at the front. So this has inspired me to write all kinds of things, like lyrics and poems. The blog Words By Space Boy updates almost every day with different kinds of text posts and you can follow it here: WORDS BY SPACE BOY



Lastly, I'm working on something really special with a couple of close friends, including the aforementioned HEYBEARD. It's developing a bit slow as we're all separated at the moment, some in Norway, some in the UK. But we're getting some work done. It's a secret to everybody, so don't tell anyone just yet...



Hopefully I can keep up the pace, work hard and really impress myself with what I can achieve. Thank you for reading, I would highly appreciate it ( if you haven't already that is ), to check out my shop and other blogs, and if you do find any of this interesting, please go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter so you can get the latest, so long everyone! 

- Henry