Hey there and happy Friday to you!

I'm gonna let you in on a few secrets ( not really that secret, however..!) There's all kinds of freebies and great services out there, I'm simply here to tell you about the ones I've used, and now am a frequent user of, because they're genius.

It's not always you're at your most creative or productive. Maybe you're great at illustration, but need a few mockup pictures and you can't really handle the camera, ( or you don't have people available to take pictures of ). Fret not! Here'a few sites I use for that exact purpose:


Death to Stock is just what it so brilliantly says, death to stock images, no more typical, boring stocky images, that doesn't really help you create that mockup or header you've wanted to make. You can ( for free ) get a pack of high quality images sent directly to your inbox, the images are yours to do with as you please. Both personal and commercial projects, they've only included their simple license which is basically don't redistribute them and be a dick. 










You can find many uses for the images, use them as is, or edit them to fit your theme and brand. I've seen the images being used around the web, most notably on the Big Cartel Blog.

Death to Stock have also made this kick-ass manifesto on photography philosophy. With great tips on taking photos and what you should look out for.



Beautiful free photos, gifted by the world's most generous community of photographers

I got introduced to Unsplash from a friend of mine, Benedicte ( here's her facebook page ). It came to me at a moment of need as well. I downloaded a few pictures and started editing, soon enough it made me inspired and I had a bunch of edits to work with and upload around the web. So Unsplash is great for many reasons; Inspiration, the multipurpose photos, the extensive photo gallery, the collection feature, the fact that the photos are extremely great quality.

The Unsplash community deserves every credit they can get, here's their license and credit page. They have, like Death to Stock, their own manifesto that you can read about here

Creative Market

Ready-to-use design assets

Let me tell you a little story. Every Monday morning I arrive at the office, after getting my coffee or tea of choice, I open Creative Market. Why? Because every Monday they will have 6 different freebies for you to download! These can be everything between typefaces to templates and mockups. So browsing through those is always a great idea, as you'll probably find something of use.

This and purchasing a few things now and then, is where my extent of use goes when using Creative Market. However I'm not here to downplay their service, they have something for everyone, so it's worth checking out. After a while you'll have yourself a nice little gallery of graphic assets to use!

I do hope you'll find these sites to be useful, they've helped me out a lot so this post worked as a thank you and spreading the good word. This is of course a fairly small collection of sites I use. The point of these sites is to inform around the free stuff you can easily get. If you have any sites you use, feel free to comment them down below. Anyway, have a great weekend, and thank you for reading!