Hey there, lately I've had a lot to do, ( and don't we all? ) and I've noticed quickly that having too much going at the same time, can get chaotic,( duh ). What I'm saying here isn't anything new, or necessarily special, in my time at university I had no problem handling a lot projects at the same time. The community, the seminars and the constant creative flow around me was top notch and kept me going. Sadly, out in the real world, it can get more difficult.


"I've always said a change of space is a change of pace, and oh is it true."

So I've found it easier to take a step back, relax, and settle for one simple goal, one task at a time. If I can do it offline, I'll go ahead and do that. Can I do this particular task at the cafe down the road? If yes, I'm off. ( I'm currently writing this at said cafe, yes! ) Oh boy, is it great. 

Again, you gotta do you, there's no 100% guaranteed way of constant productive workflow ( sadly ). I tend to feel I'm more creative and producing a heck-a-ton of stuff when I'm under a lot of pressure. So it's all about managing yourself and your work the way you see fit. Trying something entirely different might do you good, so go ahead!

Anyways, thank you for reading. By the time this post is up, I'll be in Germany at a festival celebrating culture and music, there'll be a post on this in the future, so see you then!