I'm really excited to announce that my brand new online shop is on the horizon.


SPACEBOY.SHOP ( YES ) will launch in a month's time, ( if everything goes as planned ) with handmade and unique prints, posters, photos, stickers and books in various formats, all designed from my original illustrations and drawings. 

I'm working to bring out a lot of different styles with these products, and in each their own collection. I'm starting off with my 'Broken Youth' series of illustrations, and from there, hopefully it'll expand into much greater things.

If you've followed my journey beforehand, you might remember that I did open an online store awhile ago, this was on Society6 which was - in the beginning - a lot of fun. It inspired me to do more work and it shifted my focus onto marketing, which was a great learning curve. I realized quickly that I didn't know as much as I thought I did, ( bummer ) so I quickly gave up on it. I might've updated it now and then, however it got the short end of the stick as I geared up for my final year of university. 

It’s unbelievable how little I achieved, by worrying where to start.

Now I'm back again, utilizing what Big Cartel offer to the fullest. Yeah, I went with Big Cartel as their focus relies on artists and creators like myself, so that resonated with me. I did consider both Tictail and Shopify as well, as both had been recommended to be from friends and colleagues. I also spent some time checking up Pros / Cons, as I didn't want to go forward with something that didn't feel right, right away, ( well put ). 

This time around however, I've had great help in my colleagues with far more experience than me, teaching me about everything from management, idea-making and just finding the potential in starting something for yourself. It's unbelievable how little I achieved, by worrying where to start. It makes sense though, in retrospect. I've had (and taken the ) time to really dig into the specifics and learn about e commerce, marketing and business. As that now is a big part in my daily life at my day job in the local newspaper business. ( Should I switch my name to Paper Boy?


I do hope you'll consider following my journey forward, and stop by my online shop when it lands ( shameless plug, is shameless ). Also, this feature itself, ( this blog ) will be updated frequently, including inspirational content, new products and their design process, other events, experiences and so much more.!  Thank you for reading!