Henrik Dønnestad


A twenty-something with a desire to create. How original.


Henrik Dønnestad is a twenty-something daydreamer with a desire to create. As an eclectic artist and visual designer he goes by the moniker SPACE BOY. With his vision; To create an absurd amount of beautiful work that will inspire others. 

He draws most of his inspiration from music and lyrics, as he's fond of the emotional and narrative driven notion of most songs from a variety of bands and artists. 

For the love of music.

For the love of music.

He earned a First Class BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design from Middlesex University where he graduated in 2016. Displayed his work at The Old Truman Brewery and D&AD New Blood Awards, 2016.

His artworks were curated and featured in 3 exhibitions in 2018. Some of these artworks have been featured on Unsplash and seen by millions online.

Currently working at Agderposten Medier as a webdesigner, and freelancing as SPACE BOY. The work vary from (but not limited to) printed matter, branding, design for music and artwork.


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