A twenty-something with a desire to create, how original.

Henrik Dønnestad



When I create, I imagine all the aesthetics, the details and the overall picture, as I always work my hardest to produce something to impress both myself and potential clients.  I'm a passionate designer that adore beautiful, well-thought out design solutions.

I draw most of my inspiration from music and lyrics, as I'm fond of the emotional and narrative driven notion of most songs from different bands and artists.

Earned a First Class BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design from Middlesex University where I graduated in 2016. Displayed my work at The Old Truman Brewery and D&AD New Blood Awards, 2016. 

Currently live in a small town by the seaside called Arendal, in a cosy apartment that's also my studio for creative work. 

Currently work at Agderposten Medier as a webdesigner, doing work for all sorts of local clients and other newspapers across Norway.

I freelance as SPACE BOY, the freelance work vary between printed matter, branding and large paintings.

My vision is to continue to create an absurd amount of incredible work that I can look back on and be proud of. Be that design, art, music or writing. I'm a twenty-something with a desire to create. How original.


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